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Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
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Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was a family situation comedy broadcast from 1944 to 1954. During its neat-decade run on CBS, NBC, and ABC, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson played themselves as suburban couple along with their two sons, David and Eric Nelson. Ozzie and Harriet both started their careers as musicians. Harriet joined Ozzie's band and after working for 3 years together, they were married in 1935. In 1944, Ozzie developed his own show featuring his family life with their two sons. The series was an instant hit from the outset.

A sincere, laughter-filled comedy, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet depicts the Nelson's home life. The show centers around the goofball father Ozzie. It's greatly dramatized by Ozzie's frequent gaffes and flawed judgements.

For near a decade, Ozzie and Harriet were almost an eternal part of the golden age of radio. The show, albeit enormously popular, inevitably drew to an end in 1954, as entertainment slowly drifted away from radio to television.

There are 56 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Election Day December 1, 1941
Ozzie and the Hypnotist January 28, 1945
Tax Return and the Blue Suit March 11, 1945
Ozzie Sells a Vase August 12, 1945
David Sells Ozzie's Suit August 26, 1945
David Fights September 9, 1945
Lodge of the Unicorns September 16, 1945
Apartment Bldg Next Door September 23, 1945
The Prince's Gift October 7, 1945
The Camel October 17, 1945
Ozzie Runs for Office December 1, 1946
Ricky's 3rd Prize in School December 8, 1946
Suspense - Ozzie & Harriet December 26, 1947
Bowling February 23, 1947
New Dress September 14, 1947
A Visit from Bing Crosby December 5, 1948
Ozzie Meets a Girl on the Bus November 28, 1948
Worrying about Worrying December 12, 1948
The Third Degree November 21, 1948
Juryduty January 16, 1948
Matchmaking January 23, 1948
Hiking October 17, 1948
Halloween October 24, 1948
In a Rut November 7, 1948
The Boys' Night Out November 14, 1948

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